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Nowocoat nominated for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018


Nowocoat has been nominated for the entrepreneur award EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018. The company has been nominated in a category they find it hard to find candidates for since they find that it is rare to find real innovation and new thinking among well-established products.
We are world class at this – both with respect to developing products and markets.

nowocoat EY entrepreneur 2018

EY’s description of the award:

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is Denmark's and the world's most recognised entrepreneur competition and is a tribute to the women and men who build and run successful, growing and dynamic companies.  We celebrate their success and their contribution to our society.
Through EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, EY has celebrated the best entrepreneurs in Denmark for over 20 years and put a spotlight on the most exceptional individuals in a unique group that creates jobs and prosperity and brings new, innovative products and concepts to the market. We are committed advocates for entrepreneurship, and we think the stories of these enterprising women and men, who have the courage and passion to realise their dreams, should be told.


A role model for future entrepreneurs
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year differs significantly from other entrepreneur competitions in that it focuses on more than the entrepreneurs' and companies' ability to grow. In our efforts to find this year's entrepreneur of the year, we place just as much emphasis on the entrepreneur's role, values and leadership – and not least their social responsibility.
In this way, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year considers the entire company and its DNA. Therefore, the prize is awarded to an entrepreneur that is a role model for the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Selection of candidates
In our work to find the right winner, our experienced advisors conduct in-depth interviews with the entrepreneurs.
 Here the entrepreneur is asked about the company's business foundation, strategy, goals and risks as well as how the entrepreneur inspires and engages their employees, how the company works with innovation and how they work to make a difference in the market and society at large.
It is on the basis of these interviews that the independent panel of judges decides who should be selected as winners.