Nowocoat Industrial A/S

Iso Wood TopCoat W90 Industrial is a water-based solid wood protection product based on an emulsion of flexible and viscous alkyds emulsified together with strong water-repellent acrylate bonding agents, mixed with effective fungicides, light fast pigments, UV inhibitors and water-repellent nano-additives. The product is mixed with Iso Wood Primer W11.
A wood protection product that is approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with 616-4, DS/EN 335-1. It prevents the onset of destructive rot and dry rot, as well as blue-stain sapwood. The result of the entire unique composition of Iso Wood TopCoat W90 Industrial is an optimal industrial top wood protection product for protecting wood such as pine, spruce and others, and makes for a product that functions optimally outdoors in the Scandinavian climate, with moisture, sunlight, wind and alternation between hot and cold.


The specifications in this datasheet are based on our current knowledge and do not serve as a guarantee for the product. Recipients of our products are subject to comply with regional and national laws. We cannot, therefore, offer guarantees for incorrect usage of our products. Paint should be regarded as a semi-manufactured product, as results are dependent on construction, the quality of the surface, pre-treatment, temperature, moisture etc. This description is non-binding and certain reservations are made for any errors or missing information in the description.