Nowocoat Industrial A/S

ISO WOOD 990 is a good surface treatment based on special self-crossing acrylates and light fast pigments that are especially suited to new woodwork. Specially developed to withstand the Scandinavian climate and to ensure optimal durability and protection against sunlight, rain and the cold. This is how the wood gets a highly weather-proof and water-repellent surface that also protects against mould and film. ISO WOOD 990 has a rich consistency and viscosity, covers well with good merging properties and is very easy to apply and work with.


The specifications in this datasheet are based on our current knowledge and do not serve as a guarantee for the product. Recipients of our products are subject to comply with regional and national laws. We cannot, therefore, offer guarantees for incorrect usage of our products. Paint should be regarded as a semi-manufactured product, as results are dependent on construction, the quality of the surface, pre-treatment, temperature, moisture etc. This description is non-binding and certain reservations are made for any errors or missing information in the description.