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PROFF WOODCARE is a complete series of exclusive oils and varnishes for the protection of all types of wooden floors and decking. The products provide an effective protection that both significantly improves the life expectancy and the appearance of the wood.
The series also contains cleaning and conditioning products that provide you with the best maintenance.
The products come in various pigments and can add a natural and rustic expression to the woodwork.
The products are developed for both industrial application and professional use and there is also a user-friendly version intended for private homes.


PRC Trademark Registration of Proff Woodcare

A Certificate of Registration has been issued by the China Trademark office to protect the Proff Woodcare trademark.

PRC certifikat class 1PRC certifikat class 2registered china


International quality stamp of approval for PROFF WOODCARE

Nowocoat A/S is approved by the German authority DIBt and has been awarded the Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (abZ).
After several years of testing and documentation work, we can now proudly showcase the approval for PROFF WOODCARE Industrial Oil and PROFF WOODCARE OIL. DIBt’s approvals are the result of a close collaboration between Nowocoat A/S and leading German universities and engineering firms

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Eurofins approves PROFF WOODCARE

Eurofins has tested the environmental impact and approved PROFF WOODCARE floor oils for interior and exterior use.
The collaboration with Eurofins in Denmark helps us to quality-test our products and ensure that we are always meeting the highest standard - both in relation to the effect of the products, work environment safety and respect for the environment.  
Eurofins works by international or national standards. For example, it can be mentioned that Eurofins is accredited by DANAK in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard.

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