Nowocoat Industrial A/S

coolingpaint packaging

Nowocoat Industrial A/S has with COOLINGPAINT® developed the technology of the future for wood protection (patent pending). The purpose of infrared (IR) heat-reflective wood protection is to avoid the sun’s damaging heating up of the wood. This attribute forms the basis for COOLINGPAINT®.

It is not the cold, but rather the warm time of year that causes the most wear and tear of the wood. Everyone knows that black and other dark wood is burning hot when the sun shines, and white and light wood is relatively cool. What everyone does not know is that this heating up is very harmful to the wood. With COOLINGPAINT® the wood is prevented from being heated up by the sun, and this reduces the damages that the sun’s strong light and heat cause, such as sun fading or bleaching, cracks, extraction of resin, etc. The benefit is that the wood maintains its natural temperature and keeps healthy, secure, and flexible for many years, and wooden houses are not heated up.

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