Nowocoat Industrial A/S


Paint manufacturer Nowocoat Industrial A/S in Kolding is now focusing its efforts 100 percent on product development and new growth after the Group sold off their roof paint activities. The Reinert owning family sold the sister company Iso Paint Nordic A/S to the Finnish Tikkurila and will from now on concentrate production.
and development efforts on Nowocoat Industrial A/S, the paint and lacquer factory in Kolding, which was taken over in February 2014.

"We can now focus on product development in, among other things, industrial paint for the surface treatment of metal and wood protection, including Proff Woodcare products that open up some interesting possibilities for us and our customers. We have extensive experience in developing functional paint, and here I would also dare to promise some exciting new products in the future",

says Head of Development and co-owner Joen Reinert, who owns Nowocoat Industrial A/S together with his family and an employee-owned company. The family considers it important to involve senior employees in the company's structure and operation, which is why they have, among other things, appointed Per Thorlund as Sales Director.

The company continues with the production of wood protection under the name Iso Wood and Proff WoodCare, which was launched with great success in 2012, where the family-owned business made a comeback in the area of floor lacquers. In 2013, they launched Proff Antibac, a newly-developed floor lacquer and floor oil that has a completely unique function that quite effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses. Over the course of a few hours, all bacteria is wiped out, making the floor lacquer a very attractive option for better hygiene at, for example, hospitals and care homes.
Iso Wood products are a new generation of wood protection for handicraft and industrial application and protection of wood.

Another interesting product from Nowocoat Industrial A/S is StoneColor, an advanced product for painting and surface treatment for exterior tiles and surfaces. StoneColor is based on the newest developments in nano-technology, which makes the paint extra hard-wearing and stable against wind and weather.

The development laboratory at Nowocoat Industrial A/S has expanded since the Reinert family takeover, so there are now five employees working in development. The ambition is now for the company to grow further in line with a sharper focus and newly developed products within the existing areas.

"The potential is there and we have the right know-how and development strength. So in the future we expect to have to
employ more staff. For our customers, it is still ‘business as usual’ after the sale of Iso Paint, but in the long term they will notice the advantage in that we can focus 100% on Nowocoat Industrial A/S"

emphasises Joen Reinert.

Nowocoat Industrial A/S has approximately 4,000 m2 of production space with modern environmentally approved production facilities, as well as offices in Kolding, and they have a total of 15 employees.

For further information, please contact Sales Director Per Thorlund by phone at: 42 27 27 27.