Nowocoat Industrial A/S

We do not follow trends - we set them

At Nowocoat A/S, everything we do is about investing in the future. Our R&D laboratory is constantly developing new products that keep raising the bar for what is possible to achieve through innovative coatings and surface treatments.
Longer life expectancy for the materials, a better finish and more efficient workflows are some of the competitive advantages we provide to our customers today. Likewise, we are among the best on the market when it comes to finding more environmentally-friendly raw materials for our products - this ensures that we do our part in creating a more sustainable future while ensuring that the work environment for our own employees and our customers is as suitable as possible.
Our products are specifically developed for industrial and manufacturing companies and for professional use, and we develop both new products and opportunities by ourselves and in close collaboration with our customers so that it, for example, becomes possible to optimise automated processes and reduce drying times and evaporation. We are always focused on providing your company with competitive advantages through your collaboration with Nowocoat A/S.
Therefore, at our factory you will find some of the best and most recognised developers and specialists in the business when it comes to paints, varnishes and oil for surface treatments. We have designed a laboratory that, like the rest of the factory, is state-of-the-art, and we also collaborate with recognised laboratories such as the Danish Technological Institute and Eurofins.


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