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New United States patent on Coolingpaint

Coolingpaint is available in three variants, for wood, facades and roofs, and the advanced technology results in the treated surface reflecting the sun’s rays. This prevents heat from being absorbed by up to 20%. The paint has great potential both in Denmark and abroad, as it makes it possible to reduce the energy consumed for cooling and creates a better interior climate. nowocolor design logo At the same time, Coolingpaint has unique protective properties that extend the life expectancy of roofs, facades and woodwork.

We have developed Coolingpaint from the bottom-up at our modern production facilities, and we are ready to enter into exciting B2B collaborations and private label solutions. Read more about Coolingpaint on 

Innovative, functional and durable coatings
Nowocoat A/S is an innovative and modern paint manufacturer with roots going back to 1861. We provide innovative, functional and durable coatings for industrial, manufacturing and professional use. In 2018, we opened our new factory in Denmark where we can produce up to 65,000 litres three times per day - with full traceability, respect for the environment and optimal quality assurance. We do not follow trends - we set them! Through our innovation and development, we create new standards for the effect that is achievable through surface treatment, while entering into close collaborations with our customers so that we can supply solutions that fit their production and requirements optimally. The company is run by experienced specialists with a passion for coatings for mineral, wood and metal surfaces.

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Paint your own roof with NowoColor designer

Nowocoat has developed a program that lets roof painters and their customers upload a picture of their own house, paint their roof with all color variations of NowoCoat Roof Coating and send the image to their email address. Read more about NowoCoat Roof Coating and try our NowoColor Designer at

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Quality and Environment

In order to promote our environmental and quality requirements, we are audited and certified by one of the world’s best qualified and most demanding certification agencies. The certificates that we have obtained are the quality certificate DS/EN ISO EN 9001 and the environmental certificate DS/EN ISO EN 14001.