Nowocoat Industrial A/S

Danish political party Venstre’s member of the Euroean Parliament’s environmental group, Linea Søgaard- Lidell, described Coolingpaint as ”incredibly smart” after today’s visit to Danish paint and lacquer manufacturer Nowocoat in Kolding – something of a growth phenomenon in Danish industry.


“It is clear that we will face massive challenges with heating and cooling buildings if we are to achieve our ambitious climate goals. I am sure that ahugemarket awaits thesolution developed by Nowocoat,andI am generally impressed by the level of innovation I experienced at Nowocoat. This bodes well for the future,” says Linea Søgaard-Lidell.


COOLINGPAINT isapatented and innovative paint that reflects 70% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface absorption of heat by as much as 20% thanks to microscopic mirrors added to the pigments.


Nowocoat invitedLineaSøgaard-Lidellfora visitso that she could experience first-handtheserelevant solutions in the effort to meet the adopted environmental goals.


“Our Coolingpaint could be a good solution for saving money and cutting CO2 emissions from existing buildings. The product has been developed through new lines ofthinkingandinnovation, disciplinesnthat we have mastered, and the creation of sustainable paints has long been part of our DNA. Right now, the times are working in our favour,and we are ready to offer a thoroughly tested range of products for woodwork, facades and roofs,” says Chairman of the Board Nina Reinert of Nowocoat.


Coolingpaintwill benefit private customers and be part of large-scale solutions forindustrial buildings, offices and businesses with air conditioning, and there are many reasons to choose Coolingpaint. First of all, it will result in reduced CO2 emissions from cooling. Coolingpaint ensures that the temperature of the treated surface does not become excessively high, and because it requires more energy to cool a building than to heat it, the product can help reduce the ever-increasing CO2 emissions from cooling.


Secondly, the product provides unique protection. Coolingpaint protects the treated surface from the sun’s damaging infrared rays, and has been quality tested to international standards for consumption per area and covering power, UV stability, adhesion, peeling, blistering, cracking, high weather resistance, fungal and algae growth, gloss and colour change.


The product is labelled with the EU flower, which guarantees that the product meets strict environmental requirements at all stages of its life cycle. This means that Coolingpaint does not contain heavy metals, plasticisers or harmful amounts of solvents.


Finally, it shouldbe emphasised that theproduct is a result of a patented technology. Nowocoat’s US patent is called Solvent-free Infrared Reflective Surface Coating and this covers both the construction and process.


The product from Nowocoat is the culmination of several years of development based on the Stealth technology known from and developed by the US military.