Nowocoat Industrial A/S

Nowocoat is the first Danish paint and coating manufacturer to have obtained international certification from DNV on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals



“DNV’s SDG certification shows that Nowocoat has elected to not simply commit itself to the SDGs they are focused on, but that they are proactively setting objectives for what they want to achieve with plans that are integrated into their business and which they can provide us documentation on. Nowocoat has thereby joined an exclusive club of Danish companies that don’t just say they are working on the goals, but can also prove that they are reaching their sustainability objectives,” said sales manager Kåre Appel Weng at DNV. “DNV’s SDG certification is harmonised with ISO’s High Level Structure. This means that Nowocoat has integrated its work on the UN SDGs into their existing management system, which DNV has certified for more than 15 years. This makes it much simpler in practice to work on the goals and incorporate them into daily routines and processes,” he added.

Sustainable development is an important aspect in all development at Nowocoat Industrial A/S and an integral component of the company’s management system. Nowocoat works systematically with the environment and quality management, and the company has already obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.

“As an integral part of this work, we are also working on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, commonly referred to as the SDGs. We are especially focused on the goals dealing with health and well-being, decent jobs and economic growth and responsible consumption and production. Yet the whole attitude on ensuring decent conditions from start to finish for people, products, health and the environment is also important to us. That is why it is natural for us to work on the three SDGs we have chosen to focus on, and I am incredibly proud and thrilled about the fact that we have now obtained certification. I am also convinced that this new recognition will contribute effectively to ensuring growth and sustainable solutions here at Nowocoat for the benefit of people and the environment,” said Ole Enevold Jensen, CEO of Nowocoat.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Among other things, Nowocoat has demonstrated its ambitions in relation to the SDGs through specific environmental and quality objectives. In 2021, for example, these objectives include a unique and approved algae control agent that will replace products that are currently available on the market but which according to Nowocoat are illegal to use. “Our goal is for the product to be found in 80 percent of all of Denmark’s 500 DIY stores and garden centres in 2021. The consumption of illegal agents runs up to 40 million litres per year. Our approved algae control agent is expected to convert at least five percent of the market, corresponding to an expected sales volume of no less than 2 million litres in 2021,” Enevold predicted. He also highlighted the company’s so-called roof paint, which is certified under DGNB as a special sustainability label. “The product UV Lak is also ready to enter the market. The product is intended to replace solvent-containing coatings and reduce environmentally harmful emissions while also creating a better working environment.”

Earlier this year, Nowocoat acquired the Swedish paint company Rötmotaverken as part of its strategy to manufacture sustainable products. Additionally, Nowocoat has established a new global system that collects and manages all assignments worldwide, and this system is envisaged to ensure better management of resources and flow in the completion of assignments, creating a better working environment and higher well-being for the company’s employees.

Sustainable development and secure jobs

Jensen emphasised that development and innovation are what drive processes forward at Nowocoat. Responsible consumption and production are the driving force. “We work systematically with an environmentally sound handling of chemistry, products and waste in our production processes. That is why we are going for sustainable labels such as Ecolabel and DGNB and developing a UC coating that results in a massive reduction of emissions of volatile organic solvents. This process going hand-in-hand with ensuring decent, secure jobs, health and well-being and less exposure to hazardous chemicals. We spend a lot of resources on engaging, managing and supporting our employee in relation to sustainable development. Our Code of Conduct has been sent out to all our suppliers, and we ensure through dialogue that everyone is working with this set of ethical rules,” said Jensen.


About Nowocoat Industrial

  • Nowocoat Industrial A/S is an innovative paint and coating manufacturer with a portfolio of functional and durable coatings for mineral, wood and metal surfaces for industrial application.
  • The company has 36 employees, its head office is located in Kolding, and it has employees in Poland, China and Vietnam.
  • In 2019, Nowocoat Industrial acquired the company Lurrell Industries.
  • 80 percent of Nowocoat’s production is exported to markets in Northern Europe and Asia.
  • Expected revenue for 2021: DKK 220 million.
  • Expected result for 2021: +DKK 40 million before tax
  • Supplier to customers such as IKEA, Jysk, Wal-Mart and K-Markt.
  • In 2021, Nowocoat acquired the Swedish AB Rötmotaverken, which has been producing and developing special products for the paint industry since the 1920s. The company has a turnover of SEK 70 million and 20 employees.

About DNV and the SDG certification

  • The SDG certification was launched in 2019, and since then, 20 Danish companies have obtained certification according to the certification criteria.
  • These criteria are harmonised with ISO’s High Level Structure and can therefore be integrated into the companies’ existing management systems.
  • Certification requires that the company can provide documentation to DNV that they has committed itself to specific objectives in relation to the UN SDGs, that they have produced specific plans to improve their impact in relation to the UN SDGs and that they can document progress and concrete results.
  • DNV conducts at least one annual inspection visit at the company to ensure that the company is continuously working on improvements and continues to comply with the criteria.
  • DNV Business Assurance is one of the world’s leading certifying organs with activities in more than 100 countries and five offices in Denmark.